Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hiroshi Hoketsu to compete in 2012 London Olympics at the age of 71: Japanese Equestrian Federation (JEF)

TOKYO, Japan (sat, Mar. 03) – There are no age boundaries for those who keep themselves actively ‘alive’ and world is full of such stories when elderly people set examples for their youngsters in every walk of life.

Hiroshi Hoketsu to compete in 2012 London Olympics at the age of 71
 The recent example is a Japanese rider Hiroshi Hoketsu, who will turn 71 at the end of March. According to the Japanese Equestrian Federation (JEF); Hoketsu has earned a place in 2012 London Olympics by standing number one in the International Equestrian Federation's individual dressage rankings for Asia-Oceania.

 Hoketsu, was also the oldest contestant at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with 67 years and 4 months of age, Hailed as the "hope of old men," He has already participated in two Olympics, 44 years apart.

The Japanese rider, based in Germany, topped the rankings after winning an event at an international dressage meeting in France on Thursday He was not available for comment straightaway. 

Hoketsu finished 40th in show-jumping at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and in 2008 at Beijing he placed ninth in team dressage and 35th in individual dressage. He was also selected as a replacement for the 1984 Los Angeles Games but did not participate, and had to pull out from the 1988 Seoul Olympics when his horse had a quarantine problem.

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